Internal Review Form

If you are dissatisfied with how your complaint about Ofsted has been handled, you can request an internal review using this form. This must be submitted within 15 working days of the date of the response to your original complaint.

Please see our Complaints policy for more information about the internal review process. Before submitting an online request for an internal review, please ensure you have read the guidance on our website.

An internal review is the final step within Ofsted’s internal complaints handling procedure and will come to a final decision on whether or not your original complaint was investigated fairly and properly in line with Ofsted’s published policy.

Setting detail

Please supply the full name and address of the school, college, childcare provider or social care provider.

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We will respect confidentiality as far as possible, both for those who complain and those who are the subject of a complaint. However, the identity of complainants will be revealed to the persons complained about where their response is essential in order for us to investigate and respond fully and fairly to your concerns.