Complaints about schools

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Note: pages 2 to 4 of the form are about consenting to Ofsted sharing the information you provide on pages 6 to 8 where you tell us about your complaint. You can still submit the form even if you do not consent.

You should consider whether it is appropriate for you to raise your concerns formally with the school before submitting this complaint to Ofsted. If, however, you do wish to submit this complaint now then you should be aware that Ofsted may need to contact the school/provider to progress your complaint.

What Ofsted may do with your complaint

Ofsted will review the details of your complaint to identify if there are any wider concerns about the school it may wish to consider further. The possible outcomes of this review process are:

  • no immediate action, except to suggest the most appropriate alternative complaints route to you
  • refer a summary of your complaint to another statutory agency where their powers would ensure a better outcome for the pupils
  • carry out an Ofsted assessment of your complaint, if it raises wider concerns about a school, that may require Ofsted to inspect the school.

Ofsted will provide you with a response following receipt of your concerns.

Personal data

Ofsted will first ask you for some of your personal details. We need this information:

  • to follow up your concerns with the school, as you have told us you have raised your concerns with the school
  • to provide you with a response for your complaint
  • in case we need to pass your concerns and your identity to another agency, so they can consider whether to take action.

Sharing your details

Ofsted will use the data, including the personal data you submit, to handle your complaint. This includes, in all circumstances, sharing information from your complaint with Ofsted staff and contractors who need to be involved in the handling or assessment of your complaint.

In addition, the Ofsted Complaints about Schools team may have to share details of your complaint more widely with:

  • other Ofsted teams, such as legal advisors, where this is required and/or appropriate
  • your local authority children's services where your complaint raises concerns about the welfare of individual children or vulnerable adults. This is explained in the Ofsted safeguarding policy
  • other public authorities, including the Department for Education, the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Standards and Testing Agency
  • the school you have complained about.